dreamdateuk – in a nutshell

dreamdateuk.co.uk – in a nutshell

We are dreamdateuk.co.uk.

We can also be found at dreamdateuk.com and dduk.co.uk – it’s all us!

We are hype and ad free, affordable online dating site with a fantastic free level of access that allows you to join, search and chat to any other member, absolutely free with no limits!

We had used dating sites before and found them to be full of fake profiles (many still are) and very expensive with never ending monthly subscriptions. We wanted to change that!

We felt there were 5 main problems with just about all of the existing dating sites and we solved these problems by creating dreamdateuk.  We feel we have achieved that.

These are the main problems we found:

Fake profiles
The “Join for free” scam
Expensive costs with never ending monthly subscriptions
Long winded signup process
Too complicated with distractions and ads all over the place

So we created dreamdateuk.co.uk

(also found at dduk.co.uk and dreamdateuk.com)

We are genuinely 100% Free to join, search and chat with no restrictions.

We also offer premium features including:

Anonymous telephone calls
Carousel bar for profile pictures
Invisible mode
Rise to first place in search results
Get noticed in Encounters
Want to meet you
Special Delivery
Extended search
and many others

To use premium features we offer the following credit purchases:

100 credits: £2
550 credits: £5
1250 credits: £10
2750 credits: £20

* Credits never expire – they last until they are all used.

Unlike most online dating sites we did not fill ours with fake profiles to get it started. We started with zero members and built up with real people.

This means that every single member on the site has joined via the registration page and there is a real person behind the profile!

In these early days (July 2021) until the site has become filled with members, we give 3000 credits to all new members (applied automatically during the join process) which allows them to use any of the premium features for free for a period of 3 months.

So if you are a new member in this early stage, bear with us, and in the long run, you can be assured that all the people on the site will be ‘real’ just like you!

Our dating options

We offer dating options for all genders and orientations. 

Our gender options include

Woman, Man, Gay, Lesbian, Trans Man, Trans Woman, Disabled and Other.

And finally…

We are not a global or multi-national company, we are a partnership of a small group of people who wanted to provide an affordable dating service, free from fake profiles, and with a genuinely free access level but which also offered all the good stuff that all the best dating sites offer but at a much reduced cost and we feel we have achieved that.

If you think we’ve missed something, or should implement something else into our site, please let us know… we seriously consider every suggestion.

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