Things to do after sex

Things to do after sex

Things to do after sexYes, having hot sex is a great thing to do but what about afterwards?

What do you do after you’ve finished getting all hot and sweaty and you’re laying there with a big smile on your face.

There are some things you should do and there are some things you should definitely not do! Here’s our top ten recommendations to ensure that you have a great after-sex life!

1. Have more hot sex

Why not! You’re in the right place, its warm, you’re already undressed… Give yourselves a minute to regroup and off you go! One tip… might be worth a quick trip to the bathroom for a quick wash down and teeth clean!

2. Cuddle up

If you are with the person you love then this should go without saying. Most women in a relationship expect to be cuddled and many men do too! The problem with this for many men is that there are certain irritants that come with this, especially when you get really tight and up too close. If you stay glued to your partner for too long, you’re gonna get all sweaty and post-coital perspiration between your bodies runs down your skin onto the bed making (another) wet patch and one of you is going to have to lay on it (cue the towels). If you have got all tightly wrapped up in each others bodies, one of you is going to get a hair up your nostril, always very itchy, and all these things, just for a cuddle afterwards… well worth it!

3. Go to sleep

It’s no secret that after sex men fall asleep and women wake up! Apparently, it’s in a man’s biology to do this. Scientists have not found any complete explanation for this other than blaming men’s hormones. Prolactin and Oxytocin get the blame (along with a bold claim that men’s brains actually reboot during orgasm). But no matter how fantastic the sex was and tiring as it may have been (especially for those at a ‘later stage’ of their life) try not to fall asleep… at least until you’ve talked a little maybe or at least cuddled up for a while.

For men, if you give it your all and then take the ‘roll over and snore’ route you’re going to be looked upon as a typical male… selfish and uncaring. Of course this does not apply to just men. Many women are taking this route nowadays and in these cases, if you are the man, you can lay back and give yourself a mental pat on the back for doing such a good job that she’s nodded off before you. Good job mate!

Some couples just love to nod off after sex giving then a warm feeling being cuddled up and if this is you, make the most of it! The trick to sleeping after sex, is to do it while cuddled up giving you both that loved up feeling and satisfying the woman’s need to feel loved.

4. Talk about the sex

Talking is good. Especially when it is about the hot sex you just had. If you make it positive every time (even if it wasn’t quite as…) it will guarantee a replay, which will improve it (practice makes perfect). If it wasn’t exactly as you thought it would be, don’t go all TripAdviser thumbs down on them, just talk about it in a caring, sensitive way. This means you’ve got to think about what you say before you say it!

5. Talk to each other

There is no better time to talk than after you’ve recovered from the earth shattering event of mutual orgasm. In this subliminal state, you should be able to make perfect sense to each other, but keep it easy… topics such as Brexit for those of you in the UK, big pronouncements and shocking admissions should be left for a later time, and men… do not propose! Politics is usually a no-no. Apparently, even politicians don’t talk about politics after sex!

Keep to subjects that are easy, interesting and enjoyable to talk about, whatever these may be in your household. For men, subjects suited to a post-nut glow might include your dreams and aspirations, future hopes, desired achievements, holidays etc. For women, travel plans, small business ideas (always very attractive to men), what you would like to do with the house etc. Subjects that probably shouldn’t be discussed might include past infidelities, talking about your mother, discussing your debts and comparisons with previous partners.

6. Eat

You just burned off a load of calories so why not replenish them? Think of it as an enjoyable way of replacing the energy you’re gonna need for a replay. Eating together is always a nice thing to do. You can sit together mutually contented, enjoying another sensory satisfaction – without having to make much effort.

7. Go to the gym

Really? Yes, really! Some people (mainly younger ones) actually go to the gym after sex. This applies to men and women but the men gain the most from this one. Apparently, doing a workout in the horizontal positions is a great warm up session and is supposed to energise your body into continuing this exercise in the gym. Scientists suggest that the heightened levels of testosterone in men after sex means you can go all-out in the gym and muscle development will be improved! How good is that? Don’t leg it out the back door straight away though. You need to give yourself half an hour or so to replenish your energy levels.

8. Smoke a cigarette (Don’t!)

It’s not the done thing anymore, but for a few diehards, it’s still the perfect way to finish off a great session in the bedroom. We see it occasionally in old movies but in real life, post-coital smoking is considered a no-no! First of all, it smells (nicotine breath is never attractive), you can get cigarette burns on the sheets, knock ashtrays over… it’s just not sexy.

9. Ask for things you want

Research suggests that the first few minutes after sex are a great time to ask for something (assuming you did a good job). People are much more likely to agree to doing things in those cosy few moments after sex but keep it realistic… now is probably not the time to run it by your bloke that the house needs a full refurb and the garden needs sorting and the new conservatory is well overdue and… etc. Oh, and you are ready to go out to look for a new Ferrari.

And finally…

10. Never say certain things after sex

Never, ever discuss or say any of the following…

That was good, you can leave now!

Hmmm, you are not as good as my ex!

If they ask ‘Was I a great lover?’ never say ‘You were in the top 50!’

Never say ‘We have to hurry, my wife/husband will be home soon!’ … unless of course it’s true!!

Never say ‘If I were you, I would learn how to please a woman!’

Or… ‘Is it in yet?’ or ‘Is that it?’ or even… ‘Hmmm, that was quick!’

Keeping to these simple but sensitive thoughts and ideas will ensure you have a happy after-sex life!


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