Dating tips

101 Top Tips for a successful date!

101 Dating Tips

Dating tipsDating can be great fun!  It’s good for our mental state, it’s good for our health, it’s good for us all round, but still many people get it wrong on so many levels and spoil what could have otherwise been a great moment.

When dating, we should of course be careful and safety conscious, but above all, we just need to be ourselves.  Be real!

The following are all things we probably already know, but it’s still good to go over them another time.

To some of you these tips might seem like obvious basic knowledge and taken for granted, but there are people who are unaware of these facts and this post is to educate those or give an idea as to how important a first date is and how to make it go in the best way possible.

Some of these are just plain old common sense but it doesn’t harm to read them again. It makes us reconsider things we already know when we read something again.

Some of these tips are serious, some are more lighthearted but all have some impact on how successful you will be as a person.

So, here’s our 101 top tips for a successful date!

1. Don’t take dating too seriously.

This basically means that you should enjoy your dates more. Aside from that, you should also view dating as something that can offer you an opportunity to meet new people and socialise. Moreover, it can also offer you a potential to finding someone whom you can build a relationship with.

2. Don’t date out of desperation.

Never date just because you are desperate of having a relationship. This is because it can lead to having someone whom you may want to change for the better, in the future. Aside from that, since desperation can cloud your judgement, you may end up with someone who will just make you more insecure.

3. Don’t date just to make someone else jealous.

When you are dating another person just to make someone jealous about it, then you are not doing anyone a favour. This is because; you might end up showing the other person that you really like him or her. Aside from that, chances are, you might also suggest that you really are enjoying yourself with another company when you are not.

4. Practice caution on multiple dating.

When you are dating a number of men or women, you might end up stressing yourself out. This is because multiple dating is never easy, and it needs you to become very organised. Although you may be enjoying the variety of persons multiple dating can offer to you, it is still less stressful when you are not always worrying about sending the wrong text messages or emails to the wrong person.

5. Be yourself.

Being yourself in dating can go a long way, especially if you are on a quest to finding a person to have a healthy relationship with. This is because when you won’t be hiding anything from your date, you can be assured that he would be accepting you just the way you are, if your relationship grows.

6. Don’t date to play games.

Dating can involve emotions of people who are included in it. Therefore, if you are looking at date, as something that you enjoy just like your games, then you should rethink it. This is because playing games with people’s emotions is not a good idea. Thus, it is best to see it as something that is serious, since, just like you, other people also do not want to get hurt.

7. Lending money to your date.

If you want to lend money to your date, you have to make sure that you are already in a relationship. Aside from that, you should also trust him or her. This is because if you lend someone money, whom you are not in a deep relationship with, then there is a huge possibility that he or she will not pay you back.

8. Enjoy dating not just for sex.

When you are enjoying your sexual interactions, it can affect your decision making, which can cause negative results. Therefore, it is always suggested not to sleep with someone on the first few dates. By doing that, you can focus more on getting to know the other person, which may include discovering common values.

9. Get out of the house.

Although online dating is quite popular these days, it is always better to go out in order to find dates. This is because dating offline is more fun, due to the fact that you get to meet your date personally. Aside from that, when you go outside, it increases your dating potentials further, which can help you end up with someone whom you really enjoy being with.

10. Take a break.

Taking a break from dating can be a good idea, especially if it is making you more miserable. A break from dating can be made for a period of 3 to 6 months. In taking a break, it can provide you with time to rediscover yourself. This basically means that it can offer you more time in getting involved with a hobby, or catching up with your friends.

11. Get to know yourself better.

To enjoy dating more, you need to know yourself better. This means you should determine what you like, what your interests are, what your goals are, and such. By taking note of these things, you will be guided better in choosing your dates. However, it is always a better idea to get out of your comfort zone from time to time to try new things.

12. Avoid negative individuals.

When you are around negative individuals, it would affect your mindset and it can also affect your judgement in a negative way. This is because when you are near them, you might become one of them. Therefore, to enjoy your dates, you should always surround yourself with positive individuals, so that prior to meeting up with him or her, you have a positive mindset.

13. Engaging into phone or online sex.

Engaging into online or phone sex is not a good idea. This is because you cannot expect anything from it, but just a waste of your time. This is because people who do these sorts of things often are involved with it just to while away their extra time. Thus, it you participate in it, then you cannot expect them to respect you.

14. Acknowledge the presence of dubious behaviour.

If you have been with lots of failed relationships, then you must realise that many of these break-ups, could have been prevented, if you acknowledge the presence of dubious behaviour in the early stages of the relationship, or during your dating times. Therefore, if you see these things on your date, then you should confront him or her about it, or simply look for another one.

15. Have a life.

If you have found a date whom you really like, it is very important that you are still aware of your priorities. Thus, you should not become dependent on him or her, so that he would see you as someone who is independent and confident. If you won’t focus on having your own life, then you might end up neglecting yourself, your friends, family, or even your work.

16. Criticising the date.

You won’t be able to gain lots of things if you criticise your date by talking about him or her with your friends. Always keep in mind that you also do not want to be criticised on your actions. Thus, if you simply don’t like your date, then you should be mature enough not to set up another encounter with the person.

17. Control your drinks.

Drinking a bottle or two of your favourite beer while you are dating is not a sin. However, you should limit the number of bottles you consume, since you might end up losing control of yourself when you have too much to drink. Thus, if you tend to over drink, then you should avoid it by all means, since you might lose your chances of starting a relationship with your date.

18. Out of your league.

There is always a tendency to bring down yourself, when you think that your date is simply out of your league. This way of thinking about your self worth should not be encouraged, since if you tend to believe that you are not good enough for a certain individual then you may end up with someone who is also not good enough, or simply another person who thinks the same way as you do. Thus, it is time to become more confident, so that you can find the person that you really are looking for.

19.Determine what you really want out of dating.

In determining what you really want in dating, you should be able to prevent wasting yours and someone else’s time. Thus, you need to determine whether you are dating to start a brand new relationship, to simply have fun, or to pass your time. By doing that, you can also base your search for your date on it, to find the right person.

20. Make yourself up for the date.

When you make an effort on your appearance on your date, you can increase the chances of having a good time in it. This is because it can make you feel good about yourself, and increase your self confidence. Aside from that, you can also ensure to have the right mindset, which can prepare you to have a positive conversation with him or her.

21. Smile on your date.

When you smile, everyone else around you would feel like smiling as well, including your date. Thus, it would encourage a more positive environment between you and your potential partner. Smiling can lead to a more enjoyable conversation, which can make you and your date have more fun while you are both enjoying your meal.

22. Posture.

Becoming more conscious on your posture can provide you with lots of benefits in terms of your health, as well as your date. This is because it can show your date that you are a strong and an independent individual. Aside from that, it would make you feel more confident, aside from making you feel that you are taller.

23. Personal hygiene.

Shaving is something that both men and women should do prior to going on a date. For men, having a well shaved face would impress most women, since women see it as a sign of a man’s cleanliness. For women, it is best that they shave their underarms, since a man could get easily turned off if he sees that his date has hair in that part of her body.

24. Be conscious of your voice.

To sound more mature, it is best that you gain better control of your voice. Maintaining a calmed and low toned voice is the best way to do it. This is because if you talk in a high tone or with cracking sounds, then your date would have a tendency to see you as someone who is immature. Thus, it is best if you train yourself for this.

25. Smell good.

Smelling good is very important on a date. Thus, using a good perfume or even just a good smelling cologne would already impress your date. Aside from that, you should always make sure that you wear a reliable deodorant, since if you sweat and its odour mixes with your perfume, then you might need to kiss your chances of having a second date goodbye.

26. Taboo subjects.

Picking the right kinds of topics for your conversation is one of the most important things that you need to take note of, while you are on a date. To make it easier though, you should avoid talking about subjects that are taboo, since it would not encourage a more relaxing environment. Focus on lighter topics, so that you and your date would enjoy the conversation more.

27. Avoid a bad mood.

Anything that can cause someone to have a bad mood should be avoided in any case, when you are on a date. This is because having a bad mood can make a dream date into a nightmare. Thus, it is best that you always focus on the positive side of things. Aside from that, you should also avoid sarcasm. Moreover, it is never a good idea to be late on your first date.

28. Use the name of your date.

Using the name of your date all throughout the night on your conversation would help you a lot. By doing that, you would actually be helping yourself in remembering his or her name, since you are constantly saying it. Aside from that, it can also create a more intimate atmosphere between you and your date.

29. Use different perfumes or colognes.

If you have been going out with a woman or a man for several occasions, then  you should change your perfume or cologne, each time you go out with your date. This is because variety is the spice of life. Aside from that, you can actually impress your date by asking them about what type of cologne he or she likes best, and wear it on the next date.

30. Stay and look fit.

Staying as fit as you can be would make you more attractive, aside from the fact that it would also boost your self esteem. Because of that, you would be  able portray a more confident self when you meet with your date for the first time. Therefore, it is time that you get some exercise on a regular basis, and combine it with a healthy diet.

31. You are serious about your future.

When you show your date that you are serious about your future, then it provides them with reassurance that you can also serious about them. Although your date may not be looking for a long term relationship, it is still best if you treat him or her as someone who could be your potential partner, especially if you really like them.

32. Be someone your date can introduce to their parents.

If you are serious about your date, then you should give him or her an impression that you are worthy to be introduced to your date’s parents. This means that you need to become presentable, by dressing and behaving appropriately. This does not mean that you need to become too serious though. Telling a joke (an appropriate joke) or two would definitely make you more comfortable with each other.

33. Never continuously interrupt or butt in.

Interrupting someone while he or she is talking is not a good idea, especially on a date. Unless if you want to annoy your date, you should never interrupt while he or she is talking, since it can be viewed as a sign of disrespect. Always let your date finish what he or she is saying, so that you would also be able to understand what they are trying to say.

34. Don’t be a moaner.

When you are on a date, one of the worst things that you can do is to become a whiner. A whiner often complains about everything, and always tell his or herself that he or she is a loser. Being a whiner on a date is not just annoying, but it can make the other person wish that he or she did not go out with you after all.

35. Don’t be a cry-baby.

A cry-baby is someone who always talks about his or her past mistakes, problems, or past relationship failures. Sounds childish yes, but many people still do this! More often than not, cry-babies are looking for shoulders to lean on. However, becoming a shoulder to lean on is not the main purpose of going on a date. Thus, you can’t expect your date to offer you his or her shoulder once you vent out of your feelings regarding your experiences in the past.

36. Let your date talk.

If you want your date to have a good time, then let them talk. People always appreciate it when someone asks for their opinion about something, in which they would enjoy talking about the reasons they say certain things are good or bad. To achieve this, all you actually have to do is to ask open-ended questions.

37. Be a friend to your date.

Becoming a friend to your date is not a bad idea, especially if you have already dated a couple of times. When you become an understanding friend to your date, then he or she will be grateful about it. To be a friend to your date, you simply need to listen to them whenever they need to vent out their emotions about certain things.

38. You have to trust someone.

Lots of people do not open up too much or invest too much emotions on their dates or potential partners. This is because, they are afraid of getting hurt, or they were hurt before. Thus, it is best that you become a person whom your date can trust. By doing that, you would become closer to your date, once he or she gains more trust in you.

39. Touching your date.

For a man, if his date touches him, he can interpret it as something positive. However, for women, touching them on the first date may not be a good idea, because some may become offended by it. Only touch a woman when she becomes more comfortable with you, in which you already engage into dancing, or if she touches you when you tell jokes.

40. Be a little mysterious.

Some people love dating a mysterious person since they love to slowly uncover things about him or her, as they go on more dates; and, this is especially true to most women. Being mysterious means that you give your date an idea about what you are, but you are not going into more details about it. It leaves them a feeling of hanging, in which they would want to know you more.

41. Learn how to read palms.

Becoming a palm reader can impress your date, aside from the fact that it can give you a chance to hold her hands. Reading your date’s palms would create a more relaxed atmosphere, between you and her. Thus, it can pave the way to more interesting conversations. Aside from that, it can also make her more comfortable of the fact that you are touching her.

42. Be polite but don’t overdo it.

Although opening doors to a woman is indeed a polite thing to do, it is best that you don’t overdo it. This is because women today do not want to feel like they are helpless persons. Thus, it is best if you do it with caution from this day on, so that you won’t be offending your date, by being too polite.

43. Business cards.

If you want your dates to have something that he or she can remember you with, then you should bring with you a number of business cards when you go out with them. Although the best thing to do to be remembered well is to impress your date, having business cards can also provide a unique impression.

44. Doing little things.

If you have been dating someone for quite some time already and you want to make him or her feel special, then you should do little things for your date. Giving her a flower from time to time, or treating him for a snack would go a long way, as far as cultivating your relationship is concerned.

45. Never stalk.

When you have gone out with a person whom you really like and you want to see him or her more, it is not a good idea to stalk them. This is because, it can become quite uncomfortable for a person to see his or her date, on every place that they visit. If you want to see your date more, then you should establish contact with them, and see if he or she is still interested.

46. Dancing.

Learning how to dance would give you lots of benefits, aside from gaining a more flexible body. It can actually help in impressing your date. A man can easily become impressed if he sees that his potential partner is a good dancer, since it shows him how sexy she can be. Aside from that, dancing with each other can create a more comfortable environment between the two persons.

47. The things you need to know on the first date.

There are lots of things that you need to know about your date on the first time you go out with them. One of which would be his or her dislikes, since it can save you headaches. Aside from that, it is very important to know if he or she is currently involved with someone or is married, so that you would know if he or she is worth your time.

48. Starting or keeping a conversation going.

There are lots of things that you can say in order to start or keep a conversation going. One of the things that you can do is to compliment her. Aside from that, you can also ask your date about how their day went by. Moreover, asking questions, especially those that may require your date an explanation about his or her answer is also a good idea.

49. Making compliments.

For a man, making compliments on the woman he is dating is one of the best ways to make her feel appreciated. This is because women in most cases, share a fear about not being attractive on certain occasions. Therefore, if you want to make your  date more comfortable with you, then you should compliment how her hair looks like, how her perfume smells so good, and such.

50. Be successful.

If you have gone through a good number of dates already, you would realise that in most cases, topics in a conversation can include where you have been, what you have achieved, and many more. Thus, if you have attained success in life, then there is a good chance that your date would be impressed by your life story.

51. Don’t talk about sex.

No sex talk should be a rule that you need to follow, especially in first dates. This is because first and second dates are usually the time when you get to know the other person, who can be your potential boyfriend or girlfriend. Talking about sex might give the wrong impression about your intentions, which can make the other person feel uncomfortable.

52. Be nice!

For both men and women, being nice can mean a lot of things. Nice can mean desirable, normal, presentable, trusting, helpful or friendly and many other things. Many women, and men too,  are actually on the lookout for a ‘nice person’.

53. Is your place clean?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you need a clean house or apartment if you are going to take someone back there. The house should be tidy and clean and nice smelling and fresh. Have a nice coffee smell on the go or some aromatic flowers etc. to give out a good feel to the place.

54. Calling after a date.

If he or she gives you their contact number after a date, you shouldn’t call them immediately, let them wait a little for you… maybe another day or too… but don’t leave it too long or they might think you are not bothered about them!

55. Make memories.

If you are dating the person of your dreams, make sure to do something that will make a nice memory of that date. You might be glad that you were able to strike a stimulating conversation with her at the bar, but it may not be enough for your date to be memorable. Do something different, such as going somewhere that you wouldn’t normally go on a day to day basis or even just a nice walk in the park. Anything to make the day memorable.

56. Dating is discovering.

Dating is actually a stage in a relationship where you would begin to discover certain things about an individual. Thus, it is best that you have a good conversation with your date, so that you would be able to know him or her better. Knowing your date better would offer you a chance to see if you really are compatible or not.

57. Sharing common values.

Dating can provide you a chance to know whether you and your date share common values. Although sexual chemistry and sharing common interests are two important things to get started on a relationship, sharing common values is much more important, since it can cultivate a more lasting relationship. Thus, it is best that you take advantage of dating to find out more about it.

58. Dating is not a chore.

Dating should not be a vocation. One of your main objectives in dating should be to have fun meeting new people. It is not something that you must to do in order to live a life. There are lots of things that you need to take note of when it comes to dating, it shouldn’t be treated as something that you really need to perform well on. Simply have some fun, and be yourself in dating.

59. Never date if you are not over your ex.

If you are not over your ex yet, then you shouldn’t really meet other people with intentions. Your emotions can end up destroying all your dates. You might engage into self-pity while you are talking with your dates, aside from talking all about your ex and his or her shortcomings. Thus, make sure that you are completely over your ex prior to dating, so that your potential partners won’t avoid you.

60. Online dating is just one of your options in meeting people.

Many people today engage into online dating, especially those who are quite busy with their own careers. However, online dating should just viewed as just one way to increasing your chances of meeting more people. You should still go out in person and meet new people personally, so that you can have a more interesting life.

61. One date does not mean a relationship.

This is one of the most important things that you need to remember when you go on your first date. You are not in a relationship yet, since you don’t know each other that well. Thus, put some boundaries when it comes to sharing stories. Aside from that, you should also avoid acting like you are your date’s girlfriend or boyfriend, since that would just scare them off.

62. Know your limits.

Your limits can sometimes tell you who you really are. Therefore, it is best that you become more aware of them. Aside from that, when you know what your limits are, you can always do something in order to go beyond it. Just make sure that you stay within the boundaries, so that you could still be able to portray the person that you really are.

63. You are worthy.

If you are awed by the presence of your date, you should take control of yourself, by knowing that you are indeed worthy to be their date. By doing this, you can become more confident of yourself. Aside from that, if you end up having a relationship with that particular person, it would create a balance between you, which is also very important.

64. Enjoying dating does not mean you have to be blind.

You don’t need to be blind in order to enjoy dating. Many people have a tendency to meet the needs of others, in which they become blind and forget to see their own needs. Thus, it creates an imbalance in a relationship, which is not healthy. Therefore, you should always keep an open ear and an open mind in having a relationship. This way, you would be able to have a relationship, which is not one sided.

65. It’s not a requirement for you to be interested.

You could easily tell if your date is genuinely interested in you. However, this does not mean that you also need to become interested in him or her. When a person shows an interest in you, you don’t need to reciprocate it, if you don’t want to. This is because if you force yourself into doing that, you would just be lying to yourself, and be misleading the other person.

66. Finding your type.

When a person says that his or her ‘type’ is this or that it means they have some preconceived ideas about the person who they are attracted to. However, if dating your ‘type’ does not provide you a fulfilling and healthy relationship, then you should let go of your preconceived ideas, and become more open minded about dating.

67. Don’t date someone who only communicates through text.

If someone is talking or communicating to you only through text messages, then it is best not to stay in constant communication with them anymore. This is because, in most cases, they are seeing you as someone who is maybe only good for a ‘booty call’. Thus, it is best to go out with persons who respect you enough to contact you by giving you a call.

68. Do your research.

No matter how the other person shows you how he or she is interested in you, in which he or she initiates the first steps to get into a date with you, you should not be complacent, and still do your research. This is because, you don’t really know what their intentions are. With thorough research, you can feel safer in dating the person, aside from the fact that it can also help you see whether he is attached or not.

69. Ask questions.

Before going into your second or third date, you should know whether a person is still trying to get over an ex, is married, or has just been separated. To achieve that, you need to ask questions regarding all of these. If you can’t do it on your first date, then make sure to do it on the second date so that you are assured that you are not wasting your time on him or her.

70. Don’t cloud your judgement.

If you focus too much on the achievements of a person or how much the person is earning it can lead you to make the wrong conclusions about people. You need to look past money so that you can see what the person is really made of. Talk to your date and listen attentively, so that you can see the real person inside.

71. Meet new people and make new experiences.

If you always go through the same daily routine that you do, even on weekends, then you may not be able to get a date that could change your life. You need to put some variety into your life, by going to new and interesting places, where you could meet new people. By doing that, you won’t just be relying on your luck on scoring a date, but you are making things happen on your own.

72. To enjoy dating, you need to invest time and effort.

There may be times when you don’t feel like going out for a date however, since you have already set the time and day, and you don’t want to make a fool of someone else, then you need to do it. Aside from investing time and effort, you should also take a chance. It could lead to meeting that special person.

73. Don’t expect too much from people.

When you expect too much from your date, you may end up getting disappointed. The best way to do it is to not expect anything from anyone, so that you will be nicely surprised when your date does something great that you are not expecting.

74. Getting to know your date.

Getting to know your date is one of the best things that you can do, in order to see if you can really build a lasting relationship with them. Thus, you need to ask questions about what your date believes in, what he or she is planning for her life, what his or her goals are, and more.

75. Don’t be too fast in writing off somebody.

If you are not able to hit it off right away on your first date, there is no need to write off somebody straight away (unless it went really bad!). This is because, it is very possible that you or your date may not be comfortable with you yet. In most cases, it takes around 2 or 3 dates, before you can get a sense of whether you are really interested in the person or not.

76. Never force yourself into liking someone.

Forcing yourself to liking someone is never a good idea, unless you simply want to try it out. It does not mean that if your date is the nicest one you have been out with that you should like them. This is because being nice is not the only requirement for a relationship to grow. You also need to share common interests and values, so that you can agree on lots of things.

77. Lazy communication.

There are certain persons who communicate only through text, emails, or instant messages. If you want a more open relationship, then you should avoid these types of persons.

78. Can the other person give you what you want in a relationship?

This is a question that you need to ask to yourself, especially when you have taken further steps in your relationship, after dating a number of times. This is because you want to make sure that you are investing on something that is worth every minute of your time. Aside from that, it can also prevent you from expecting too much from someone. If you think not, you have two options; try for a little longer or end the relationship now and move on.

79. Be careful in telling your date about your past relationships.

Your first and second dates are not the best times in telling your date about your past relationships. This is because it can make the other person be bored with all your past stories. You should know that your date is interested in you, and not you’re past. Aside from that, your information about your past relationships should not be shared to someone whom you do not trust fully yet.

80. Going to movies.

Watching movies should not be done on your first few dates. This is because these dates should be the stage where you want to get to know each other well. When you go inside the movie theatre, on top of it being too dark, it won’t allow you to talk to each other very well. You can’t talk properly inside a theatre.

81. Pay attention.

Paying attention to your date is a must – you want to make sure that you are indeed dating someone who has no issues. Paying attention can help you identify signs, which can tell you about the negative behaviour of your potential partner. By doing this, you would become more aware of the things that you need to consider, on deciding whether you want to see him or her again.

82. Stay away from your date’s home.

If it is still your first, second, third, or even fourth date, you should stay away from your date’s home. This is because it is simply too soon to be invited over to their house, or inviting someone, (unless you both want to go to the bedroom immediately). If that is not the case, only visit your date’s house when you are already in the latter stages of your relationship and are happy with your date and feel comfortable.

83. Be honest.

If you are really interested about the other person, then you should not hide it. Dating should not be a game, since it can make you send out all the wrong messages. Instead, you should be as honest as possible, so that your date can also see your true self. By doing that, you would be able to build your relationship on the right path. If you fancy them… tell them!

84. Show that you are interested.

Showing the other person that you are interested is a must, especially if you really are. This is because it can build his or her self esteem, knowing that you may be looking forward to seeing him or her again. With that, you both would become more excited in seeing each other, and be able to enjoy each other’s company more.

85. Your mobile phone.

When you are on a date, one of the things that can annoy the other person is  when you stop your conversation in order to answer a call, or read a text messages. You should turn off your mobile phone or put it in silent mode, prior to sitting in front of your date. If you must reply to a call go to the loo or restroom to do it.

86. Talking and listening.

Some people think that they need to talk a lot in order to impress their dates however you simply need to maintain a good balance of talking and listening when you are on a date. If you are doing most of the talking, then your date may not be interested in sharing some information to you or you simply are not giving them a chance to talk.

87. Talk about yourself positively.

You need to build yourself up in your date so that you can sell yourself effectively. You need to be aware of your positive traits. By doing this, you will be able to talk about yourself in a more positive tone, which can impress the other person. However, you need to be careful in doing it, so that you won’t become someone who is obnoxious.

88. Building your profile in online dating.

Since online dating is quite popular these days, then you should also take advantage of it. When it comes to building up your profile, make sure to indicate whether you are interested in a long term relationship or not. By doing this, you can effectively filter out the persons who do not share the same goals as you do.

89. Tell a friend or a close relative that you are going on a date.

Since there are lots of crazy people about these days, it is always a good idea to tell a friend or a relative about your date. Tell them the time and the venue just to be on the safe side. To feel even more secure, go on date at a public place such as a cafe in town or somewhere where other people gather. Also, you could also get a friend to ring you before and after to check you are ok.

90. You don’t have to research your dates’ ex.

One of the most important things in dating is to be yourself. Don’t try to research your date’s ex’s. You may develop a sense of insecurity because of this. Instead, focus on revealing your true self to your date, so that he or she would be able to decide whether you are indeed the one that they are looking for.

91. Don’t appear too eager or needy.

If a someone you are dating has let a week or so go by before calling you don’t panic. It might be that they are also thinking that they shouldn’t be contacting you so soon. Also, if they give you their number, give it a day or so before ringing.

92. Don’t be confrontational.

You might think that being confrontational or aggressive can make the other person think that you are self reliant and self-assured. Although this might occasionally be true, generally it is actually not a good idea.  This is because, the other person may come to think that you would be using your aggressive behaviour to manipulate them.

93. What to do if your date won’t answer your questions.

Asking the right questions is very important in order to gain the right information from your date but if your date is having second thoughts in answering them, then they might either be hiding something from you, or is trying to come up with a lie. You can’t date someone who is not an open book, since you might end up expecting something that they cannot provide.

94. You can always say no.

It is quite understandable that you want to be agreeable in order to prevent confrontations  however, you can always say no if you really disagree on something. By doing that, you are actually being honest to your date. Aside from that, it would let your date get to know you better, and would also encourage them to be themselves as well.

95. If you want honesty, be honest.

Since you want your date to be honest, you should also be honest yourself. Being honest means that you are being yourself. By doing that, you are actually revealing yourself to your date, and it is up to them to like you for it. When you are honest, it may also encourage the other person to be honest as well. Besides, being honest can also help you see if the other person is lying or is telling you the truth.

96. It is fine to be unsure on the first date.

If you are not so sure about the outcome of your first date and you are still willing to give it a try, then you should contact the other person 2 to 4 days later. Some  people can take some time to become more comfortable with someone new. Thus, after a few dates, you should be able to conclude whether you can start a relationship with your date or not.

98. Don’t date because your friends and family tell you to.

When you date just because your friends and family tell you so, then you are not being true to yourself. This can lead you to dates that are not suitable. The best reason for you going on a date is because you want to!

99. Choosing a site for online dating.

Online dating provides a great way for you to meet new people that share your interests. In choosing the site always research what is available and at what costs.  Some online dating sites are very expensive.  Every single month, ongoing costs! At we pride ourselves on having the lowest premium costs anywhere. Our prices start at just $5 and we only charge $45 for a full years access.

100. You don’t have to say that you love a person.

I love you! – Only say the three magic words when you really mean it. Don’t say it if you don’t mean it and only say it when you feel comfortable saying it and feel that it is right for you to say it!

101. What it means if your date tells you he or she loves you.

If a person tells you that they love you on a first date, beware! This is far too soon to feel this emotion. Love can mean a lot of different things to different people. For instance, they may simply want to get you into bed, they may not be evaluating their feelings too well, or they might be needy for love and to be loved.

Yes, a lot of that sounds like basic knowledge but still some people don’t do any of these things or forget to do some others.

The one thing you need to remember about dating is to simply be yourself and be true to your views and if the other person fits in with you, they could be the one!


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