Do older women go off sex

Do older women go off sex

Do older women go off sex

Older women and sex; a few discussion points

Do older women go off sexIt’s common, and natural, for women to experience a drop in sexual desire and function beginning in their late 40s and early 50s.

For older men, this shift may not happen until their 60s and 70s. Loss of libido is very individual.

Regardless of gender, some people may notice a dramatic change while others notice no difference at all, and often, many older people actually become more interested in sex, happy in the knowledge that they can’t get pregnant.

A woman’s sexual desire can be influenced by various factors throughout her life. As women age, changes in hormones, physical health, and psychological factors can impact their interest in sex.

While it’s important to recognise that each individual’s experience is unique, there are common reasons why some older women might find their interest in sex diminishing. In this article, we’ll delve into some of these factors and shed light on the complexities surrounding the issue.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal fluctuations play a significant role in a woman’s sexual desire. As women age, there is a natural decline in oestrogen and testosterone levels, which can lead to a decrease in sexual desire and arousal. These hormonal changes can also result in vaginal dryness and discomfort during intercourse, contributing to a decrease in sexual satisfaction. While hormonal changes are a natural part of the ageing process, they can undoubtedly impact one’s interest in sexual activity.

Physical health factors

A woman’s overall physical health can strongly influence her sexual well-being. Chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and arthritis can lead to pain, fatigue, and decreased energy levels, which can negatively affect a woman’s desire for sex. Medications used to manage these conditions may also have side effects that impact libido.

Additionally, physical changes due to ageing, such as loss of muscle tone and elasticity, can contribute to feelings of self-consciousness and decreased confidence in one’s body, further affecting sexual interest.

Psychological and emotional factors

Psychological and emotional well-being are closely linked to a woman’s sexual desire. Stress, anxiety, and depression, which can become more prevalent as people age, can significantly dampen libido.

Relationship dynamics, changes in life circumstances, and grief due to loss of a partner or loved ones can also impact a woman’s emotional state and subsequently influence her interest in sex.

Negative body image and self-esteem issues might arise as women grapple with societal standards of beauty and youth, further affecting their confidence in the bedroom.

Relationship considerations

The quality of a woman’s relationship and communication with her partner can play a pivotal role in her sexual satisfaction. Over time, relationships may evolve, and factors such as emotional intimacy, communication, and the ability to adapt to changing desires become crucial. A lack of connection or unresolved conflicts within a relationship can lead to a decline in sexual interest.

Cultural and societal influences

Societal norms and cultural beliefs surrounding ageing and sexuality can have a profound impact on older women’s perceptions of their own sexual desire. Stigmatisation of older adults as asexual beings or the perpetuation of youth-centric beauty standards can contribute to feelings of invisibility and decreased self-worth, affecting their confidence to engage in sexual activities.


The reasons why some older women experience a decrease in sexual interest are multifaceted and interwoven with hormonal, physical, psychological, relational, and societal factors. It’s essential to approach this topic with sensitivity and understanding, recognising that there is no one-size-fits-all explanation.

Empathy, open communication, and seeking medical advice when necessary can play a pivotal role in helping older women navigate their changing desires and find ways to maintain a fulfilling and satisfying sexual life if they so choose.


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