Things to do on your first date!

dreamdateuk - Things to do on your first date!

Tips for a Memorable Date

Sometimes it is difficult to come up with novel and interesting first date ideas. To help you out, we asked our expert associates for their ideas. Here we give you some tips for your first date and how you can make your first date memorable.

What to wear?

If you are going on a date with a woman, then dress like a man. In this way she understands that you take it seriously, that this date can become the biggest commitment of your life. Wear the right clothes for the right job, whether it is for sport or work, clothes help you focus on the task at hand.

The same thing is true when you dress up for a date.  Shower and groom to make sure that your clothes are clean and in good order. Allow a time for reflection on this. Give yourself time to prepare, and wear clothes you are sure about and feel happy in. You will find that these two preparation steps will help a lot.

Wearing the right clothes keeps your eyes focused on your face. Like a well proportional picture frame, it should not be too strong or different for your purpose to keep you completely in the light. Avoid attractive accessories or clothing that will attract a lot of attention to yourself – it’s a date, not a fashion show.

Body Odour

Will you be wearing a citrus odour? An oriental or woody odour? Will it be strong or will it be soft? Sexy or just natural? Maybe you should not wear any perfume? These are the common questions that ask before going on a date. On the basis of experience, the consensus is that people of the first date do not want a scent that is very powerful.

A good recommendation is a clean and fresh smell. It makes sense to you that you are a person who is clean and always takes care of personal hygiene. Choose a perfume that is soft to smell, because you still do not know the person you are dating. This person may be allergic to your type of perfume. Apart from this, most people do not like a strong fragrance perfume that is applied throughout the body. This is a little turn-off. So, a simple suggestion is to be protected by clean, fresh, and soft smelling. Sometimes, a nice fresh soapy smell from the shower or bath is all that is needed.

Decide a perfect place for your first date

Everyone knows that the first date is the most difficult to plan. Should you choose something simple – like coffee or drink – or are you the type of person who wants to be different and do something else out-of-the-box? When planning the first date, you want to make sure that it will run perfectly and hopefully you will have a chance to make a second date.

Firstly, don’t stress out! Secondly, (if you are a man) have in you mind before choosing any place that it should be safe for her. She should not feel any kind of discomfort at all. A first date should be peaceful or something that removes any stress of the day. Oh, and if you’re dining out, make sure to book ahead, just in case!  It’ll save you time scrambling around for a spare one on arrival and will show you’ve made a small — but thoughtful — bit of effort.

How to Start the Conversation?

The conversation is probably the most important part of the first date. Chatting on a couple of drinks will ensure that the mood is comfortable and will help to remove the nerves of a first date. There is always part excitement and part concern on any first date. You will be eager to meet your date but you do not want to bore her or him going on and on about irrelevant or inappropriate things.

Firstly, you can talk about Life, goals, interests, hobbies, food, the place you are at right at that time… the options are endless. Do not forget to give your date the same opportunities to talk. Being positive is the key to a successful first date. People who are happy and full of optimism are always attractive!

Nobody wants to meet a miserable or gloomy person! So, send out some positive vibes! Talk openly an din an optimistic and positive manner and let your eyes speak! When the other person is speaking, catch their gaze. It shows that you are listening and interested.

Hold their gaze for a while and you are successfully flirting.

Take a nice gift along with you – a little something!

There is a lot of thinking to do in planning the first date and usually, a small gift will help things along. The important thing is to just be subtle with it. Choosing the right gift for your first date is very important because it could make or break the date. Just about every woman loves flowers. If a rose is not sophisticated and delicate, then wildflowers are the best opposite.

Some people consider bringing flowers to the first date as a sign of being ‘needy’. This should not be the case at all. Bringing flowers on a date is an old tried and tested method, which on most women, works a teat.  After flowers, maybe a small keepsake or chocolates, a small cuddly toy? Men will need to get to know the woman before they can buy suitable presents.

Arrange transport

People used to pick up a date, go for the date and then drop them off afterwards. It was typically the man who picked up the woman but nowadays, equality means either could do this. Usually, nowadays, it is considered proper for both parties to get themselves to the date.  If, after the date, the woman would like to be driven home, this is great and if the man has not come in a car, get a taxi! Don’t leave the woman at the date when you leave.


Dates are for two people to meet each other and get to know each other. It should all be nice and easy, laid back and mutually enjoyable. Keep all conversations general and appropriate and manners and respect should be at the front at all times. There are many other aspects to dating but these basic points should get any date off to a good start!

Have we forgot anything?  Let us know below.



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