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dreamdateukHello and Welcome to dreamdateuk. We went live on 25th October 2020 and we started this website with zero members.

Yes, that’s correct… no members at all. (Just like Facebook did).

Others said we would flop in weeks, others said we were crazy, but how else could a brand new membership site start?

Add ‘fake profiles’ we were told – to make it work. Adding loads of fake profiles?  No, we didn’t do that! This is one of the issues we set this site up to address.

Importing profiles from another site? No, we didn’t do that! We don’t have any other sites. On this site we want all the members to be real! Just like we want all the other aspects of our site to be ‘genuine’.

Why is dreamdateuk going to be different?

We started this site to address all the problems with current online dating sites. After much research and many surveys, we found ten main issues with most current online dating sites.

We wouldn’t name any of the sites that proved to be the reason for our formation… that’s not the way we work either. We are a genuine business with ethics and morals at our heart and with the best of intentions for our members.

What are the problems with current online dating sites?

In this post, we will cover the top three problems with most current dating sites. We will then address the other issues in the next post.

In our research, we have found over ten problems but the top three problems, that people who use online dating sites always complain about the most are:

  1. Expensive, never ending monthly subscriptions
  2. Fake profiles 
  3. The ‘Join for free’ scam

So, lets take those three points and have a look at each one.

Expensive, never ending monthly subscriptions

We found the main problem with most current sites is the expensive costs, and not just that, but the fact that they are never ending. Ongoing monthly subscriptions that never stop until you either unsubscribe or leave the site and cancel the agreement.

An associated problem is that many subscriptions ‘auto-renew’ without informing you. There have been people who have left a dating site and many years later have found that the monthly subscription was still being taken out without their knowledge!

How does dreamdateuk solve this problem?

We do not do subscriptions. We do not have any form of ongoing monthly payments. In fact, we offer genuinely free access to the site. We also offer advanced features for which we charge a very small, affordable fee which is based on a ‘pay as you go’ system. 

As a dreamdateuk member, you get genuinely free access to the site which allows you to join and contact and reply to any other member with no limits, however, if you want to make the most of the site by using the advanced features (such as videochat, anonymous internet phone calls, profile enhancements etc.) you will want to use these advanced features and for this, we make a small, affordable charge which starts at just £2 and, using the pay as you go system, you buy your desired credits and the transaction is finished!

There are no further notifications or reminders, no subscription is set up, nothing automatically renews… you simply pay for the feature you want, use it, and it’s finished!

There are no ongoing £12.99’s per month, (or £29.99’s if you only subscribe for three months). Our maximum ‘pay as you go’ purchase is just £20, which, if used carefully, could last you for months.

If you don’t want to use any of the advanced features, that’s fine too. In this case, being a member of dreamdateuk, with full unlimited chat access to all other members, will cost you nothing. That’s £0.00.

That is genuine online dating!

Fake profiles

Anyone who has used online dating sites for any length of time will be well aware of the problem of fake profiles, which, to dating site owners, carries serious legal implications if found guilty with potential fines of ££millions from organisations such as the FTC (Federal Trade Commission). Simply put… it’s illegal.

Have you ever been on a dating site and messaged someone only to find that they never reply? There are various reasons why this may happen; they might not be interested in you, they may not be able to reply because of limitations to their membership or, it could be because they are not a real person. A fake profile!

Fake profiles can not reply because they are not real people. A fake profile may have been a real person at some point on another site but was probably imported from that site database or was maybe purchased from a profile broker (probably without that members knowledge) and therefore not a genuine member.

Fake profiles can be easily purchased online. It’s possible to buy millions for just a few hundred pounds and many sites do this to inflate their member figures to attract more new ‘paying’ members.

How do we solve this problem?

Here at dreamdateuk, we guarantee that there are absolutely no fake profiles! It’s been a problem since dating sites began and it’s still a problem today. Because we are a new site, we started with zero members and therefore any member we have on the site is a real person!

We can’t guarantee that every members profile details are true and genuine (some people lie) but we can guarantee that every single member has joined via the sign-up page on our site and that none have been purchased, made up or imported from other sites!

The ‘Join for free’ scam

Again, anyone who has used online dating sites for any length of time will be well aware of the ‘Join for free’ problem. Here at dreamdateuk, we call it a scam because it dupes people into thinking they can join for free and use the site, which is not usually the case.

Sites get away with this dupe because what they are saying is ‘literally’ true… anyone can literally ‘join for free’, but that’s about all they can do.

Again, have you ever been on a dating site and messaged someone only to find that they never reply? Again, as above, there are various reasons for this but in the case of the ‘join for free’ scam, the reason is probably because they ‘joined for free’ and that’s all they could do; join… and nothing else!

This is an old problem but many sites still to this day advertise that you can ‘join for free’. What they don’t mention is that you probably can’t do anything else when you get on the site.

How many times have you been on a ‘free to join’ dating site and tried to message another member, only to be diverted straight to the payment page? How is that genuinely join for free?

‘Join for free’ is another way in which a site can build up membership numbers with real people. But… there may be lots of people who have joined (for free) but none of them will be able to contact you or reply if yo contact them!

How do we solve this problem?

Here at dreamdateuk, we offer ‘fee to join’ access.  We offer it because that is exactly what you get. You get free access!

What exactly is free at dreamdateuk?

This is what we offer for free:

  1. You can join
  2. You can create a profile
  3. You can upload your profile image
  4. You can do as many searches as you like – no limits
  5. You can contact any other member  using our messaging system – no limits
  6. You can reply to any messages you receive – no limits
  7. You can post to your ‘Wall’ (a bit like facebook) – but without any of the hate speech!!

It’s possible to come to dreamdateuk and use the site to find a new friend, lover, soul mate… and it will not cost you a single penny!

Of course, if you want to make the most of your attempts to find someone, the advanced features will help with this. It’s what they’re for!

And that sums up the top three current problems with many online dating websites.

dreamdateuk management


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