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dreamdateuk – Free online dating UK

dreamdateuk – Free online dating UK

With 100% Free Chat and Live Streaming!

dreamdateukAll about dreamdateuk – Free online dating UK – the online dating site with genuinely Free chat and Free Live Streaming! Yes, we offer 100% free chat and free live streaming. In fact, we offer a lot more.

You can join dreamdateuk in under one minute, there are no long winded forms to complete before you can get onto the site, there are no costs to join, no standing orders or direct debits to set up and no auto-renewing payments.

We also offer some premium features such as video chat, anonymous internet phone calling and many profile features and these start at just £2.

There are no restrictions or limitation to the searches and chat and unlike some, we don’t even make you watch an ad to get searching or chatting!

What makes us better than other dating sites?

dreamdateuk was set up as an online dating site for the UK to address the many faults, still commonly present, on most dating sites nowadays. We’re still classed as a new site and still building up new members and new members join each day.

These are the faults we wanted to fix

  1. Fake profiles
  2. The ‘Join for free’ scam (which diverts you to the payment page when you click on anything!)
  3. Expensive, ongoing, auto-renewing costs
  4. Too complicated pages
  5. Long-winded sign-up process
  6. Not enough ‘real’ info on members

There are many other faults, but we thought those were the main problems and in dreamdateuk, we feel we have addressed these.

This is what we created…

Membership Costs

We offer ‘genuinely free chat access’. It’s free to join, free to contact all other members and free to reply with no limits. We also offer some premium features such as video chat, anonymous internet telephone calls, seeing who’s viewed you, adding your profile to the top carousel and many other profile enhancements, all for small one-off payments on a pay-as-you-go basis starting at just £2. dreamdateuk has been developed to move away from the never ending, constantly ongoing, expensive monthly subscriptions that are still common on most dating websites nowadays. Jump down to full membership costs.

No Fake Profiles

Here at dreamdateuk, we guarantee that there are absolutely no fake profiles! It’s been a problem since dating sites began and it’s still a problem today. We can’t guarantee that every members profile details are true and genuine (people can lie) but we can guarantee that every single member has joined via the sign-up page on the site and that none have been purchased, made up or imported from other sites! We are proud to say that dreamdateuk opened with zero members! How could it genuinely be any other way? We also promise that we will never sell any of our members details to any other sites, as is still commonly done nowadays.

Site Transparency

We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity. We strive to provide as many member details as possible and guarantee that the details we provide are genuine and true. In each category, we tell you how many members there are, when each member joined and even the last time each member logged on. There are contact details on every page and we welcome all emails. We are also proud to state that we are a hype free site. What we promise on this site is exactly what you will get and nothing less.

dreamdateuk membership

All our members can contact and reply to all other members using the messaging system! Unlike many others, we don’t offer ‘join for free’ access and then restrict your chat when you get on the site! Have you ever been on a dating site and messaged someone only to find that they never reply? This was probably because of their ‘limited’ join-for-free membership level which prevented them from replying or, how many times have you been on a ‘free to join’ dating site and tried to message another member, only to be diverted straight to the payment page? It will happen a million times today, but it will never happen at dreamdateuk! We have made site access as simple as possible.

There is just one membership level: ‘Member’ – and all dreamdateuk members can contact all other members using the messaging system with no limits! It is genuinely free and there are no limitations on searches. All members also have the option of paying for premium features on a pay-as-you-go system. (We do not do recurring payments).

Premium features include adding your profile image to the top carousel where it can be seen by all, using audio and video chat, anonymous internet telephone calls, invisible mode and seeing who wants to meet you. There are also many profile enhancements and other features you would expect to find on an online dating site! Also, we have made every attempt to stay away from the ‘fixed’ way of doing things.

We believe in total freedom of choice. There are so many dating websites that still insist on completing pages and pages of questions in order to match you up with suitable members, and this is often before you can even get onto the site! We feel that as an adult, you are perfectly capable of making your own decisions online. It doesn’t take long to complete a search form (which contains numerous search options) to start looking for someone.

dreamdateuk online dating safety

At dreamdateuk we firmly believe in online safety both for ourselves and our members and do our very best to protect all our members from dishonest and deceitful intentions, spam and any other unwanted attention.

In particular, we use a zero tolerance policy for any acts, verbal, written or otherwise, that could be deemed violent, harmful or in any way upsetting to any other member and we strictly implement this policy!

If you are a member and feel something is not right for whatever reason or in any way whatsoever, let us know what the issue is and we will sort it! Unlike many social media platforms, we do not allow any ‘inappropriate’ content to remain in place!

Do you offer options for alternative genders?

Yes we do!     

The LGBTQIA+ communities are very welcome and we offer options for trans men and trans women and the options to complete any other information about their gender and orientation types.

How many online dating site in the uk still only offer Male/Female options?   …  Too many!

What else do we do?

We are anti-spam, anti-hype and we tell it like it is! We’ve set up many features on this site, all of which help to protect you and they begin with the registration page. Unlike many other online dating sites, we never ask for any unnecessary personal details that could compromise your online safety. We don’t even ask for your real name… and we recommend you never use it within your profile! Your online safety should remain the primary focus at all times.

We have tried to make the whole process as simple and as straight forward as possible. If you want to join, you click one of the registration links and within a minute, you’ve joined and will have free chat access to the site… simple as that!

Here at dreamdateuk we do not say ‘Join for Free’ then redirect you to the payment page every time you try to contact another member. If you are a member, it means you have full contact with any other member using the messaging system with no restrictions. You can register in under 60 seconds and there are no long winded forms to fill in requiring your life history.

We guarantee that your profile content will never appear on any other dating site, sold or posted there by us. Neither will we pass your contact details on to any third party. Any details you enter in this site stay in this site! We do not see, keep or maintain any of your financial details on the site. Any money paid will be made on the secure pages of PayPal. When joining we do not expect you to go through the whole payment process just to checkout with a zero balance.

If a membership or site access is being offered for free, you should just be able to sign up and go! Why would you even need a debit card to pay nothing? It’s still a common practice on many dating sites today, some using it as an excuse to verify your age, which has been found to be baseless as anyone can borrow someone else’s bank card!

When you are online, not only do we tell you exactly how many members there are on the site, we tell you when each member joined and the last time they logged on! This way, you are not sending message after message to another member who might not have been on the site for 6 months.

We provide help and advice pages on how to stay safe when online (and offline) and what to do in the event of any safety or security issues you may encounter. We provide links to the best online safety programmes including CyberPatrol, NetNanny, SurfWatch and others. We think we have covered just about every base for online dating but if you can think of anything we might have missed, feel free to drop us a line and let us know.

dreamdateuk premium feature costs

There are 2 ways to access premium features…

  • Buy credits.
  • Buy a period of time.

Buying Credits

Credits work on a pay as you go basis. You buy credits and use these to pay for certain features. There are 4 choices: £2, £5, £10 or £20. These don’t have an expiry date and remain until they have been used up. Example; If you want to put your profile picture in the Carousel at the top of the search pages, this costs 100 credits. If you already have credits, it takes 100 off your amount. If you don’t have any credits, you click on the refill button to buy some.

What can you get using credits?

You use credits to acquire the following features…

Step into the Spotlight
Being in the Spotlight allows you to stand out to thousands! It’s an easy shortcut to getting seen.

Rise up to first place in search results
This feature allows you to rise up to first place in the search results

Get noticed in Encounters
This allows you to have your photo shown more often in Encounters which gets you seen more.

Where do I buy them?

Simple… If you’re using a desktop or tablet, click on the ‘Credits’ link at the top right to the left of your profile icon…

dreamdateuk credits

This will open up the credits page:

dreamdateuk.co.uk credits page

Click on the button and you will see the choices…

dreamdateuk credits

Make your choice and pay.


If you’re on mobile…

Click on the mobile menu bars and then click on your profile link at the top…

dreamdateuk.co.uk credits

This opens up your profile page and you will see the credits button at the bottom of the screen…

dreamdateuk.co.uk credits

Hit this button and this will take you through to the credits page where you can make your choice.

dreamdateuk.co.uk credits

Buying a period of time

You can also buy a period of time in which to use certain other features.

We offer three choices;

  • 1 week
  • 1 month
  • 1 year

We have tried to keep the costs to a minimum and we feel we have achieved this.

These are the costs:

  • 1 week: £5
  • 1 month: £10
  • 1 year: £50

So, so a full year of premium features will cost just £50.

Most other dating sites typically charge £15 per month (£180 p/yr) and that’s usually with limited access!

What do you get by buying a period of time?

These are the features available:

Get the Encounters folder to find out who said Yes. Flick through the profile images and click yes or no to the people you would like to meet. If you say Yes, this will show up in their ‘Wants to meet you’ page.

Invisible mode
View other members’ profiles invisibly – they will never know you were there.

Special Delivery Get all your messages read first. They will appear on the top of all others.

Audio Chat
Want to have long phone conversations? Use the audio chat feature. Your phone number is hidden so all calls are anonymous and made through the internet connection.

Video Chat
Chat with your friends using the webcam!

How do you buy these features?

Simple… These are acquired the same whether you are using desktop, tablet or phone.  Click on the feature you want to use and the option will pop up. So for example, if you want to video chat with someone, go to their profile page and click on the video chat button.

Using desktop as an example…

dreamdateuk.co.uk videochat

If you don’t have any time period left or you have not bought any yet, it will pop up the ‘Superpowers’ page…

dreamdateuk.co.uk Superpowers

This page tells you what the features are. Click on the ‘Activate Super Powers’ button and you will see the choices available…

dreamdateuk super powers

On mobile, to activate Super powers, go to your profile page and you will see the STAR button at the bottom of your profile page…

dreamdateuk.co.uk Activate Superpowers

Click that button and you’ll see the Super powers page…

DDUK Activate Super Powers

Make your choice, make the payment and you have all the Super powers. You will know if your Super powers are activated because the STAR button at the bottom will say ‘On’ and it will tell you the date when they run out.

  • Credits do not buy these features. You could have loads of credits left but no time period so the super powers would not be active in this case. Credits and Time periods buy separate features.

Please note: We use PayPal as the gateway for all purchases. You don’t need a PayPal account, you can simply pay with your bank card through PayPal.

We do not see or hold any copy of any transactions made so if you want a record of any money paid, make sure to keep your own copy.

Any questions, drop a comment in below.

Regards Admin  


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