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dreamdateuk – Online dating with Free chat!

Online Dating in the UK with Free chat!


dreamdateuk.co.uk – Online dating in the UK for all genders and types of people with genuinely free access.

Join, search AND chat for free with no limits!

Who are we?

We’re new, we’re real and we’re live, and we’re doing ok!

We’re not a global organisation, we’re not a multi-national or a National company…

we’re just a group of like-minded individuals who wanted to create a main stream dating website with genuinely free access and that’s what we’ve done!

Yes, we know there are not many members on the site at the minute (August 2021) but we’re spreading the word as quickly as we can and new people are joining every single day and you can be ASSURED that ALL our members are REAL PEOPLE who have joined through our Join page!

We could have filled it with fake profiles (like so many do today) to get it started – but we didn’t because we want to do it right, and keep it right!

The people we have on our site are real people who joined via our join page.

Because we’re new and still building the site up with new members, when you join we give you 500 credits. These can be used on any of the premium features which will keep you going until we get the site filled with more people.
(searches and chatting will always be free – with no limits or restrictions!)

You can see what to do with credits here:

dreamdateuk – Premium features costs


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