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Welcome to dreamdateuk’s blog!

Does dreamdateuk really offer free chat?

Yes, it’s genuinely free – it’s 100% free to Join, Search AND chat!  We are even offering 100% free Live Streaming at the minute!  There are no limitations or restrictions and you don’t even have to watch any ads to get started.

What features are there?

Everything you need to find someone online. Video chat, Anonymous internet phone calls, Hidden profile mode and many other profile enhancements. We also offer a Wall (a bit like facebook) and an Encounters feature (bit like tinder) where you like (or not) other members photos and they get notified and we offer a carousel at the top of the search pages where you can add your profile picture where it will be seen by all members.

Do you offer options for alternative genders/orientations?

Yes we do!  🙂   

We offer individual dating options for Gay men and Lesbian women which include all LGBTQ+ orientations.

We also offer options for trans men and trans women with plenty field options to add in all the necessary information needed.

Are there any catches?

No… No catches! There are no long-winded registration forms (in fact, you can join up in under one minute). You don’t need any personal details to join up (except your date of birth for age verification purposes. You don’t have to complete any long questionnaires requiring your life history, no bank details are needed if you want to just sign up and chat, for premium features we don’t do auto-renewals or subscriptions, there are no direct debits or standing orders to set up, (any premium features are paid for on a pay-as-you-go basis)… there are not even any ads on the site, just complete the simple sign up form – and you’re in!

How much does it all cost?

Searching and chat is always free!  And as mentioned above, there are no direct debits or standing orders and no auto-renewing payments. Premium features start at just £2. You can see all our premium features and costs here:  Premium features

Check out our blog for more information about the site.

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