Men - are you too fat?

Men – Are you too fat?

Listen up you men… Are you too fat? post - Men are you too fat?Are you sure??

How do you know if you’re too fat?

We girls are not too bothered about 6-packs, but we don’t like our men to squash us flat when they lay on top of us!!

If you’re not sure, you can check yourself against my quick checklist.

You know you’re too fat when…

You stop moving, but your fat keeps going.

You break the bed in the hotel.

People get lost walking around you.

You have to walk sideways through doors.

You have to buy three seats on an aeroplane.

Even your kids fat-shame you.

Your stomach uses four postcodes.

You get out of breath talking.

You always get the blame when someone farts.

You’ve got seven chins and three necks.

Your shirt has more X’s than Taylor Swift!  🙂

Ok, so these points were all a little tongue in cheek but there is a genuine test for you men that’s true but still a little funny, and I say funny, cos when you try it, I’m sure you will laugh, and that is…

You strip naked, maybe when you’re getting in the bath (or just because you like to get naked) and you stand with your feet spaced evenly about shoulder width, and you look down. Don’t bend your body, just your head.

If you can see it, you’re ok… If you can’t see it, you’re too fat!!

I think we all know what I’m talking about, but if you’re really still not with us, it’s your crown jewels, Your meat and veg, your Bishop of Beauvais Pierre! .. Whatever you call it, if you can’t see it… Well, you know what you need to do!!


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