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Online Safety

A quick update about your online safety

online safety at all the potential dangers online (and offline), we feel this might be a good time for a quick reminder about your personal safety, both on our site and on the internet generally.

We set up dreamdateuk to be a safe, friendly site. On our site, we implement a 100% zero-tolerance
policy on all hate speech and offensive behaviours but even with that in place, we would recommend
that you avoid using your real name, avoid posting any of your personal data such as exact date of birth,  full postcode, addresses or phone numbers etc.

Save these for private messages, but only, once you have got to know the person you are talking to.

It’s perfectly safe to communicate with other members (and its free!) but only use the site
messaging system (which will maintain your anonymity) and never give out your phone number, not
until you’ve really got to trust someone. People can find out all sorts of information with just a
phone number!

Likewise, please don’t request telephone numbers from other members. You may put them in a position
where they feel pressured. Just wait until this kind of information is offered freely.

If you’re concerned about meeting people, you can arrange to meet in a public area, cafe, precinct
etc. (Never make the first meet at your home address). If you are very concerned, you can always
have a friend or family member sat nearby while you meet in a public area, especially where there
are cctv cameras watching over your every moves.

Remember, when meeting anyone for the first time they are a stranger, so take all reasonable

Don’t assume a ‘friendship’ just because you have exchanged a few emails.

Likewise, people meeting you need to be safe too, you also have duty of care and respect for anyone
you meet.

If anything about a dreamdateuk member concerns you, contact us, let us know your concerns, we will
look into it the best we can and advise you.

If you are meeting someone and it doesn’t ‘feel right’, even if it’s just a vague bad vibe, trust
your instincts, leave the meet and get to a safe place as soon as possible.

Also, remember you are under no obligation to divulge phone numbers, social networking contacts
etc. and you don’t have to justify your decisions to anyone. Always stay vigilant, strong in mind
and sensible.

Finally, if a member on our site has sent you something that is ‘not right’ or has sent offensive
or hate messages, please contact us and let us know. We ‘will’ sort that immediately!

While we believe in, and encourage free speech, we ‘will’ immediately ban any member sending hate
speech and let them know that their account has been banned and their IP logged.

All this sounds serious, and it is, but taking these precautions shouldn’t stop you having a good
time and will help to keep you safe!

Happy dating!


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