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Info for new members

Hi and Welcome!

This page contains information for people that have joined the site and have logged in and clicked on the link in the info text box.

As you can see, there are not many members on here at the minute. This is because we are a new dating site and, unlike most others, we did not fill it with fake profiles to get it started! This means a slow start, but this way, we can guarantee that every member on this site is a real person and not a fake profile!

People are slowly beginning to trust that the site really is genuinely free to use (and not just free to join) and are joining every day and hopefully it wont be too long before there is a good selection of members to choose from – and you can be certain that every member on here is a real person and has joined via our join page.

We set up this site to address all the issues with other current dating sites and maintain strict policies on trying to keep the site “real”.  We immediately delete any profiles that we find are using fake profile pictures, are not what they seem or that are just not… fitting.

As a new member, you were given 300 and these will last for 30 days. With these, you can use features such as the Encounters page and the profile picture carousel at the top of the search pages for free!

So even if you cant find what you are looking for right now, it wont cost you a single penny to stay on here and keep popping back to see what new members have joined, and you can be assured that if they are on here, they are a real person and not a made-up profile.

And don’t forget…   Messaging is ALWAYS free!


You can read more info about us here!