Why dreamdateuk works

Why dreamdateuk works


dreamdateuk works because we are a genuine dating site.


Membership Costs

At dreamdateuk ‘Join for Free’ access is genuine and, unlike many other sites, means joining (and searching, and chatting!) is genuinely 100% free!!

All members can chat with all other members – totally free!

There are no hidden charges, no direct debits, no standing orders, no upgrades needed, unless you wish to access the premium features. 


No Fake Profiles

Here at dreamdateuk, we guarantee that there are absolutely no fake profiles!

We can’t guarantee that every members profile details are true and genuine but we can guarantee that every single member has registered via the sign-up page on this site and that none have been purchased, made up or imported from other sites!

We are proud to say that dreamdateuk opened with zero members! How could it genuinely be any other way?


Site Transparency

At dreamdateuk, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.

We strive to provide as many member details as possible and guarantee that the details we provide are genuine and true.

There are contact details on every page and we welcome any emails. We are also proud to state that we are a ‘hype free’ site.

What we promise on this site is exactly what you will get and nothing less.


Zero tolerance of any hate speech and discrimination

At dreamdateuk, unlike many social media sites today, we remove any harmful content as soon as it has been brought to our attention. If the content breaches our Terms policy, then the offender will be either suspended or, depending on the content, deleted without notice and IP address banned! We want dreamdateuk to be a happy place!  🙂

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