dreamdateuk – Online Dating with a difference!


Online Dating with a refreshing change!

What makes dreamdateuk different??

We have made every effort to address all the problems with current online dating sites.

These include the following:

  • Fake profiles
  • Expensive costs
  • Never ending monthly payments
  • Auto-renewed membership fees
  • The ‘Join for free’ (but you can’t contact anyone) scam!
  • Limited access
  • Restricted memberships
  • Search restrictions for non members
  • Having to register just to search
  • Long-winded signup processes
  • Forced profile image upload
  • Forced profile creation before you can even search

How have we done this?

Membership Costs

We are a dating site for our members, not for our pockets!

We would love to make this site totally free but the set up and annual maintenance costs are substantial and the small membership fees we offer allow us to keep your account details safe, protect you from spam, answer any questions you may have and generally maintain your account.

We currently offer genuinely free access to the site. join, search AND chat 100% free… there are not even any ads to click on before you get the free access!!

We also offer some premium features such as videochat, audiochat etc. which start at just £2!

Genuine members (real people)

Here at dreamdateuk, we guarantee there are no fake profiles!

Fake profiles are a common problem nowadays and it seems that most dating sites have imported them at some point and while we can’t guarantee that every one of our members profile details are genuine and true or that their intentions are Honorable, we can guarantee that every one of our members joined our site using our own registration page.

We can also guarantee that no member profiles have been purchased from profile brokers, made up by profile generators or imported from other sites!  On many occasions, people have joined a new dating site only to find images of themselves in fake profiles!

We are proud to say that dreamdateuk opened with zero members! (Just like Facebook).  How could it be any other way?

We also promise that we will never sell any of our members details to any other sites, as is commonly done nowadays.  Our profiles stay with us until the membership comes to an end or the account is closed and then the details are deleted from our servers!

Site Transparency

At dreamdateuk, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity.  We strive to provide as many member details as possible and guarantee that the details we provide are genuine.

Not only do we tell you how many members there are in each category, we also tell you when each member joined and even the last time they logged on.  We welcome all emails and there are contact details on every page.  If something is wrong, we will address it as soon as possible and we welcome any suggestions or recommendations which will further improve the site.

We are also proud to state that we are a ‘hype free’ site.  We don’t use big, flashing red text to state an important point!  What we promise on this site, in standard print, is exactly what you will get and nothing less.

Our Memberships

The way we offer member access addresses another problem with most other dating sites. We allow any guest to access the search feature. You don’t have to join to search… just go to the search page and search away!  If you then want to join… its your choice!

Unlike most other dating sites, we don’t do multi level access memberships and we don’t offer ‘join for free’ membership and then restrict your access when you’ve joined! What is the point of that?  What is the point of free ‘but restricted access’ to anyone other than the dating site owners?

Have you ever been on a dating site and messaged someone only to find that they never reply?  This is probably because of their limited ‘join for free’ membership which allows them to create a full profile and look like a full member but then prevents them from replying to anyone.  They are listed on the site as a member but they can’t reply to anyone or contact anyone… and we think that’s basically a scam!

At dreamdateuk, we have just one level of access:  Member!

If you are a dreamdateuk member, you have full unlimited access to chat with any other member.

Online safety

At dreamdateuk we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity and online safety plays a major part in this integrity.  We do our very best to protect both ourselves and our members from dishonest and deceitful intentions, spam and any other unwanted attention.

How do we do this?

We are anti-spam, anti-hype and we tell it as we see it!  We have set up many features on this site to protect our members and they begin with our registration page.  There is no other way onto this site other than through our own registration page and during this process, unlike most other online dating sites, we never ask for any unnecessary personal details that could compromise your online safety.

We have made the whole online dating process as simple and as straight forward as possible…

You visit the site and without having to join first or give your email address, you can do as many unrestricted searches as you like to see what members there are on the site.

If you want to join, you click one of the registration links and within about one minute, you will have full access to the site with no restrictions… simple as that!

When you register on this site, we don’t even ask for your real name and we recommend you never use it within your profile!

Giving us a ‘real name’ doesn’t validate your membership any more than a fake name, and it just allows yet another piece of your personal information onto the internet.  You can send as much or as little information as you wish to other members through our personal/friend messaging feature.  There is no need for us, or anyone else to see that information!

We provide help and advice pages on how to stay safe when online and what to do in the event of any safety or security issues you may encounter.

We provide links to the best online safety programmes including NetNanny, SurfWatch CyberPatrol and CyberSitter.

We reserve the right to carry out Criminal Records Bureau checks when needed and may also verify some member content by checking with social media sites.


Unlike most dating sites, our member search process does not include signing you up as a restricted member.  This just falsely inflates membership figures when people are unwittingly signed up as ‘restricted’ members.  You will never become a member of DreamDateUK unless you complete the registration form of your own free will.  On this site, you can freely search all existing members as a guest without having to join or give any of your personal details.

Joining dreamdateuk

We do not offer ‘Join for Free’ access then redirect you to the payment page every time you try to contact another member.

You can register with DreamDateUK in around one minute and there are no long winded forms to fill in requiring your life history.  You can do that later at your leisure.  Sometimes, you just want to get onto the site and start searching and chatting with other members.

Personal information

We guarantee that your profile content will never appear on any other site, sold or posted there by us.

We will never pass your contact details on to any third party.  Any details you enter into this site stay in this site!

Where membership payments are concerned, we do not keep any of your financial details on the site.  For paid memberships, we leave that to the secure pages of PayPal; one of the safest websites online!

When we are offering a free membership, we don’t expect you to go through the whole payment process just to checkout with a zero balance.  If a membership is being offered for free, you just sign up and go!  Why would you even need a debit card to pay £0.00?  That doesn’t seem quite right to us!

dreamdateuk ~ Genuine online dating!