Mission Statement

dreamdateuk’s Mission statement

DreamDateUK Mission Statement

Honesty! Affordability! Simplicity!



Genuinely registered profiles

Have you ever been on a dating site and wondered why nobody ever messages you back?  Chances are… fake profiles!  It is also possible that a real member has joined, but they’ve ‘joined for free’ and as such has acquired a ‘limited’ account where they can’t actually do anything, but more than likely it will be because of fake profiles.  Profiles that don’t belong to any real person!

Our guarantee

We guarantee that there are no fake profiles on this site.  We can’t guarantee the integrity or intention of any profile (nobody can) but we can guarantee that every single profile on this site joined via the registration page!

There are no purchased profiles, no member profiles uploaded from any other sites and no automatically generated profiles on dreamdateuk.co.uk!

Because all members joined this site through our own registration page, every member is aware that their profile is live on this site and all members have full unrestricted access to be able to contact any other member and reply.

What are fake profiles?

By fake profiles we mean profiles that have been made up, profiles that have been imported from other sites, profiles that have been purchased from profile brokers or other similar sites, profiles that have been automatically generated by the site software and any profile that is active but the person that the profile relates to is not aware of its existence!


Here at dreamdateuk, we break the current trend of never ending monthly payments and let’s face it, dating sites are not cheap nowadays.

They all seem to think that £15 per month is acceptable!

dreamdateuk reverses this trend by offering genuinely free access for unlimited contact and replies to all members.

We also offer some premium features such as videochat and audiochat which start at just £2.


Here at dreamdateuk, we have made the process of joining and searching as easy as possible.

When you do register, we don’t make you complete all the profile content before you can even get onto the site.  Some sites expect you to spend up to half an hour (or even more) filling in all your personal details!  Sometimes, you just want to get onto the site and get meeting other members.

dreamdateuk ~ Genuine online dating!

Last updated: 21st April 2024