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Online Dating – What do we offer?

DreamDateUK.co.uk features100% free to join, search and chat!

We offer genuinely free access to the site. Unlike most dating sites nowadays, when we say “its free to join” we really mean that.

It’s free to join. Its also free to contact any other member and its also free to reply to any messages received – with no limits! How good is that?

Just to confirm, its free to join, search and chat – with no limits!  🙂

This free access gives you all you need to search and make contact with any other member and to chat and connect with them but we also offer other membership features. 

Premium features

For the more serious, we also offer premium features. These include video and audio chat and many profile enhancements which start at just £2.

Here are our main features (most free and some premium):

  • Search profiles
  • View photos
  • Send messages
  • Video chat
  • Profile view history
  • Chat (always free)
  • Initiate private chat session
  • Send virtual gifts
  • Add profile to hot list
  • Participate in speed dating
  • Create groups
  • Rate profile music
  • Add blog comments
  • Add photo comments
  • Add news comments
  • Add blog posts
  • Set friends only photo
  • View blog posts
  • Set private status
  • Create events
  • Read forum posts
  • Post classifieds items
  • Add event comments
  • Set password protected photos
  • View news feeds
  • View music
  • Set password protected album
  • Rate blog posts
  • Rate news
  • Add group comments

These premium features are acquired by buying credits on a pay-as-you-go basis. Credits are available in four affordable values: £2, £5, £10 and £20 and the credit amounts are as follows:

100 credits: £2
550 credits: £5
1250 credits: £10.00
2750 credits: £20.00

Credits can be purchased using via PayPal gateway. You don’t need a PayPal account to use it and you don’t have to sign up for one just to buy some credits. If you don’t have a PayPal account, simply enter your bank card details and you’re good to go.

Purchases are immediate and you can use the features as soon as you have sufficient credits.

There are NO subscriptions, NO recurring payments and NO auto-renewed payments or subscriptions.

Simply buy the credits you need, use them and that’s that!

Please note:

All payments are made through the PayPal gateway. We do not see any of the transaction details. We do not keep any copies or any record of any payments. If you want a record of any payments made to dreamdateuk, you should keep these records yourself.

Example of credit usage…

We have a carousel at the top of the search page which all members on the site can see and it uses 100 credits to get your profile picture added to it. 

To do this, you click on the ‘Put me here’ link and it tells you this service uses 100 credits to use. If you have no credits and you want your profile picture up there, simply go through the payment process and as soon as its completed, click the button to get your picture in the carousel bar. It all takes just minutes to complete. 100 credits costs just £2.

You follow this procedure to use all the premium features on the site.

(N.B. You even get 500 credits as a new member for joining)

How good is that?